head case

September 29, 2021

Everything I know about the brain, I learned from my seven-year-old daughter, Luma. The prefrontal cortex, our wise leader, helps us make decisions, plan and focus. The amygdala, our security guard, protects us, and when faced with danger, tells us to fight, flight, or freeze. The brain is extraordinary, and Luma’s simple explanations resonate with one like mine that is overwhelmed by too much information. “The hippo campus is where our memories are stored,” she says on our walk home. “Your hippo campus is huge.” Immediately, I picture a university library inside my head (complete with mahogany wainscotting and soaring shelves) filled with hundreds of thousands of memories. Luma’s short summary on the brain hangs in her room; a gentle reminder to check in with her wise leader from time to time. These works by Rose Sanderson are inspired by the marine life growing on the rocks around the rugged Welsh coast; they also make me think of the brain. I find them quite captivating.


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