house and garden

May 22, 2020

On our ravine walks, we often snoop into people’s gardens –– those grand ones with lion statues, manicured lawns and elaborate stone planters filled with purple pansies –– and wonder who lives in such a house. We’ve watched the pools being filled, and Magnolia petals being swept up. We’ve watched hedges being trimmed to perfection. Growing up, my parents had a garden so big that a game of hide and seek could last all day. I remember that there were rose bushes and trees to climb, and a woodsy, path that always felt a bit Brothers Grimm. Fourty fourty was our absolute favourite game to play, and the home base was always a huge tree that stood near the back of the house. It wasn’t a grand garden, but it was big, and we had a ton of fun in it. My favourite gardens are the most natural ones, whimsical and wild, and I love English flower gardens. That said, I’d take my own a pool over a sprawling garden any day; tuck it in among trees and plants a plenty, and I’m in heaven.


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