in the bag

May 25, 2018

We’ve seen it a million times, in glossy magazines and on Pinterest, the inside of a woman’s handbag. There’s a Vuitton change purse, a Mason Pearson hairbrush and L’Occitane handcream. There’s an iPhone, lipstick (Mac Velvet Teddy) and two pairs of sunglasses (classic and courageous). Mine is nowhere near as glamorous, and I’d hazard yours isn’t either. What’s inside the handbags of women who schlep theirs around like it’s a second home? Inside my bag, a navy blue Fjallraven Kanken that used to belong to my son, is the following: $15 loose cash; one ultra fine panty liner; 5 TTC transfers and 3 taxi receipts; one pair of thick socks; a scrunched up rain bonnet; a leather roll up case of pottery tools; My daughter’s sunglasses; my other daughter’s colouring pages; a ticket to RBG; a business card from a wealth management firm; a grocery list; napkins; keys; three cornflakes. This from Vice is pretty cool. And so is this book from research sociologist, Jean-Claude Kaufmann. Take a look at both. And then inside your bag.


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