Laugh With Me

June 18, 2015

I don’t know much about Lucille Ball, but I’m pretty sure she and my grandmother would have gotten on famously. Throw my Mum into the mix and dinner just turned into a dance party.  “I’m not funny,” Ball used to say. “What I am is brave.” It’s true; some of the funniest women I know are also the bravest, sharpest, and most resilient. “Let’s cross to the sunny side of the street,” my mum suggested to Yiayia as they walked out of Sloan Kettering after her last round of radiation. “Haven’t I been charred enough for one day?” She was bold, she was blunt, she was funny. And the two of them together were a comedy act for the ages. That’s what we need. People who make us laugh ’till we fart, and don’t even notice, because they’re laughing so hard with us.


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