mind state

June 3, 2021

To make something with your hands is to have your heart and head in it. When they aren’t all in, the hands simply don’t cooperate. I can’t tell you how much clay I’ve wasted lately, piles and piles of it, that’s either cracked or collapsed in the making. Heart not in it. Head elsewhere. I also know what it is to think about nothing else but the clay in my hands, and watch as it effortlessly morphs into a three dimensional expression of heart and head. Constantin Brancusi said, “things are not difficult to make; what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them.” The simplest sponge cake deflates in the hands of a distracted baker. Glass cracks. Wood warps. Textiles unravel. There were likely hundreds of iterations before Brancusi made King of Kings in 1956. It’s massive. Awesome. Intimidating. And it very possibly built itself.


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