Mother Love

November 20, 2015

With my first child, the love didn’t come flooding in the moment she was born. In fact, it didn’t come flooding in at all. Instead, it trickled in like tiny grains of waterlogged sand. And then it happened, that I felt so full of love for her, that even when I thought I was miscarrying her brother a year later, I said to myself, “it’s okay, I already have everything I need.” But then my son was born –– and boom –– I couldn’t imagine the world without him in it. This time I was already a mother –– my daughter had shown me how –– so the love was natural, and it did come pouring in. A few years later came our third, a gift of a girl, who made me feel love mightier than a gale force wind. That’s how I felt as I pushed her tiny body out of mine. Three children, three births –– three very different loves.



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