nature walk

May 4, 2020

Six weeks ago, my family stood at the shore of Lake Ontario and watched three adventurous souls brave the cold and swell of its waters. I found the experience exhilarating. I envied them a little, that in this time of quarantine, the wild and open water was theirs to surf. A few days later, we stood at the Humber River and watched three men casting their rods into the water in the hopes of catching a trout or two. I found this scene equally uplifting, but once again I envied their tranquility and freedom and connectedness to nature. We have since walked dozens of trails, disused train tracks, back alleys and secret woodlands in and around the city, and while it’s not the same as surfing a wave, or standing still in a river’s rush, walking has become our meditation, our freedom, our opportunity to connect with nature. Sometimes, we’re recovering from an argument, other times we’re avoiding the dishwasher; some walks are restorative, others energizing. Some walks are so tedious that we wonder why we ever left the house. And some walks, like the one we took along the sand dunes in Prince Edward County, fall into the archive of life moments we’ll never forget. Today, as we neared the end of our walk, I lay back on a blanket of dandelions and enjoyed the solidity of the soil beneath me. This is my surf. This is my catch.


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