orange tree (part trois)

July 20, 2022

This is the third entry on my orange tree. The first was peppered with naivety and hope. The second was weighed down by frustration and uncertainty. Since then, I’ve watched my plant slowly flourish and grow before my eyes, restoring some faith in, well, myself. While I know that I’ve had very little to do with its resurgence –– plants are such resilient and intelligent things –– I do feel some small sense of triumph. For starters, I stuck with it. No small feat when the voices in my head were willing me to give up, let someone more seasoned (read: patient) take over, trade it in for a leafier, fruit baring one that’s neither nuisance nor eye sore. It was amazing how quickly it began to show signs of progress with just two or three adjustments to its care. Withered, yellow leaves fell away and tiny, acid green ones sprang through in their place. The texture of once thin and papery leaves turned waxy and robust. The satisfaction of watching this plant recover, bear new leaves and blossoms, has been truly gratifying. It turns out that it didn’t need much. A clean pot. Sun. Rainwater. Fertilizer. And maybe an attitude shift to its carer.


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