Queen Elizabeth II

September 9, 2022

Over the last 24-hours, our news feeds have been flooded with images of the Queen. Some, such as her commemorative portraits, are familiar, while others –– her pausing on an airport tarmac to tend to the Corgis or flashing Prince Philip a mischievous smile at a state dinner –– are less so. But it’s the photographs of the Queen taking photographs on her beloved Roliflex camera that I love seeing most. I read once that she takes her camera and her monogrammed navy leather albums packed with pictures of her travels, family and pets wherever she goes. It’s poignant that one of the most photographed women in the world was happiest behind the lens. We see people through our own filters, and these are the images that resonate with me. I wonder what or whom she’s photographing in these images; a prized horse, a president, her children rolling down a hill? To imagine the world through her eyes –– that, I find fascinating. Just think of all the moments, both historic and mundane, (and historic in their mundanity) chronicled in those albums. Here she is, capturing her journey through the South Pacific aboard the SS Gothic during the coronation world tour in 1953 on a hand-cranked Kodak 8mm movie camera.


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