Silver Linings

June 11, 2015

It takes guts to go grey. Well, for women it does. On a man, it’s distinguished –– on a woman, it’s drab. But silver stars like Carmen Dell’Orefice, Linda Rodin and Kiki Smith prove otherwise. And what about Joni Mitchell’s stick straight, silver angel-hair? Or that perfect crop of white on top of Judi Dench’s sharp, boyish face? Or the soft curls that sit like whispy clouds over Queen Elizabeth? Gutsy women, indeed. In a piece for the New York Times, journalist, Leah Rozen wrote about her reasons for going grey:  “IF MY GOING GRAY is in any way a political statement, it’s a passive but shimmeringly visible protest against the cult of youth. We can’t all be young forever and — news flash! — some of us don’t want to be. Hey, my silvery locks signal to one and all, I’m getting older and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. Deal with it.”





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