January 5, 2022

Sometime in the depths of December, I realized that I need to explore other mediums. I love clay, and while I know that it will always be a place to which I return, I am yearning for creative experiences that aren’t so laborious. I want to try my hand at papiermâché, collage and drawing with my eyes closed. I want to play with ink and finger paints. For every 2021 triumph, there were many, many heartbreaks, and no less love, energy and time went into the latter. At the end of the year, the largest bowl I’ve ever made went to dear friends who wanted it despite a seismic crack through its base. That was gratifying. But so many other pieces never made it to the second firing, or when they did, came out looking dishearteningly shit. I’ll continue to work with clay –– it has so much yet to teach me –– while taking time each day to make something quickly and without much thought. I’ve been sketching almost daily with my seven-year-old daughter and most of the time it’s hard to decipher which drawing is hers and which is mine. I’d say that’s a compliment to us both. I’m not quite ready to show them to you, but watch this space. In the meantime, here are some beautiful crayon scribbles by artist, Jane Davies.


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