sunny side up

September 21, 2022

I met a lady in the pool bleachers yesterday with a fried egg tattooed to her upper arm. It was a stick and poke with tiny lines to emphasize the wrinkles in the egg white. Turns out, she really likes fried eggs and that was reason enough to get one tattooed to her body. “All my friends with tattoos told me not to over think it, and that if I searched for something meaningful, I’d never get one.” Teen tattoos are brilliant (most of the time) because of this very reason. You likely didn’t think about it too much. A Sanskrit symbol, a shooting star, your grandmother’s middle name. If you’ve reached middle age with no tattoo, anything you get will likely be loaded with meaning. At least, you’ll want it to be. It’s why I don’t have one. Because I’ve thought about it too much. Which is why I loved Joyce’s tattoo. “There’s no significance, it was just for fun.” Chances are, she’ll love it for as long as she loves fried eggs. Forever. (arrow through the heart)


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