Write On Track

July 28, 2015

My mum was a stickler for thank-you notes. And all that nagging paid off, because by my mid-teens, the act of writing a thank-you note was second nature. I love shopping for whimsical stationary and pretty pens; I love sitting down to write a short, but considered note; and I love letting my children decorate the envelopes with scribbles and glitter. Important events and big acts of generosity always warrant a hand-written note, but sometimes it’s nice to just say, “hello” or “thank-you for watering the begonia.” Iole is learning to write, and like my mother, I too insist on handwritten notes. Half the time, it’s hard to make heads or tails of her curly penmanship, but the sentiment is there. And sometimes, that’s enough.






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